Implant Dentures

Without implants, dentures will cause bone resorption from the time all the teeth are extracted until there is practically no jawbone left.

The best solution, if you are missing all your teeth, is implant dentures.

Options with Implant Dentures

There are many options for replacing all your teeth. The option you choose will depend on your budget and the results you desire.

The least expensive is a snap-on overdenture, pictured at the right. This requires the placing of only two dental implants. These implants will have snap fixtures that fit the inside of the overdenture and hold it in place fairly securely.

A snap-on implant overdenture

With the snap-on overdenture, your teeth won't slip around. Most of your chewing efficiency will be restored. And while you won't eliminate bone resorption entirely, you will eliminate it from around the implants.

The next option is an implant bridge, pictured at the right. With this option, the teeth are screwed into place. This is completely fixed. Your teeth will feel solidly in place with this option. It almost entirely eliminates bone resorption, and nearly feels like you have your own teeth back.

A bridge denture implant replacing all the teeth

This option and the next require a fair amount of bone to be present. If you have been wearing complete dentures for many years, you will have lost most of your jawbone. Bone grafting may be required to provide enough of an anchor for you to have either of these options.

The best option is to have complete implant crowns, pictured at the right. Each tooth has it's own "root," or sometimes multiple teeth are attached to one "root."

This is the most like having your own teeth back. It is easy to clean, very comfortable, and will preserve your bone.

Complete replacement of all teeth with dental implants

To find out which of these options will work for you and to ask about costs, we'd be happy to have you come in for a complimentary consultation. Just give us a call at , or click here to make an appointment.


Implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are not legally distinct specialties. Dr. Cohen's license is as a general dentist in the state of Illinois.

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