dental implant vs bridge pros and cons

Dental Implant vs Bridge

A single missing tooth can be replaced by a dental implant or a bridge. Glenview area dentist Dr. William Cohen has extensive experience with both of these treatments. Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Main Advantage of a Dental Implant

As you can see by comparing the two drawings, a bridge requires placing crowns on the adjacent teeth. A dental implant avoids involving the teeth on either side, and this is the main advantage.

A dental implant replacing a single missing tooth
A dental implant

Main Advantage of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is usually faster and easier, though not necessarily less expensive. It can be placed in two appointments, spaced maybe a week or two apart. A dental implant will usually require a healing period of maybe months before it can be finished.

drawing of a dental bridge
A dental bridge

Both techniques give you a stable and strong result that feels just like a natural tooth.

Watch the testimonial, posted on Dr. Cohen's implant dentistry blog, of one patient who had her dental bridge replaced with an implant, and tells how much better she feels.

  Dental implant feels better than a bridge.


A dental implant in most cases will be easier to maintain. You can floss around it without a bridge threader or other specialized tools. And with a dental bridge, there may be a higher risk of problems down the road. If, for example, there is new decay around one of the adjacent teeth, you might need a complete new bridge instead of just having to repair the one tooth.

Also, placing a dental bridge doesn't require any specialized training for the dentist. All dentists are trained in dental school in how to place them. Dental implants, however, require special training that many dentists need to obtain through continuing education.

Dr. Cohen has extensive special training with dental implants.

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Implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are not legally distinct specialties. Dr. Cohen's license is as a general dentist in the state of Illinois.

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