My advice on Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers

I currently wear dentures. They look good but I hate them. I would really love to have implants but I don’t think I can afford them. Please provide me with some advice. I don’t want to mess up my health. But that feeling in the top of my month is sicken from my dentures. PLEASE HELP. I was considering Clear Choice and I wanted info on them and ran across your articles and keep digging deeper and now I want your advice.
- Char from Houston

You have a Clear Choice Dental Implants Center there in Houston, and here’s what I recommend about them.

They do provide a free initial consultation and CAT scan. If you go there and take advantage of that deal, after the evaluation, they will give you their sales presentation. While some people like the presentation, we have heard reports from around the country that they tend to be high-pressure pitches. So I would only go there if you’re good at resisting high pressure sales. They’ll tell you that you’ll get some big discount if you act now – don’t pay attention to that. If you think you’d have trouble resisting that approach, then I would avoid Clear Choice. They’ll make you sign a contract and put your money down and you won’t be able to get out of it.

Here are some of the complaints and comments I’ve heard about Clear Choice Dental Implants centers:

1. They usually want to extract all your remaining teeth, if you have any, even if they are good teeth. This does keep the treatment simple, and if you want all your teeth extracted, or all your teeth are already gone, that is fine. For some patients, that’s what they want. But be prepared for that. Most other implant dentists will encourage you to keep any strong remaining natural teeth.

2. They are expensive for what they do. They do this simplified “All on 4” dental implants technique which they can do in one appointment, and they charge from $20,000 to $50,000 per case, which is comparable to what other dentists charge for more complex and time-consuming treatment plans.

3. This All-on-4 technique can be risky. It involves really angling the implants to make them more resistant to coming out. But if you later have any problem with any one of the four, the whole treatment will have to be done over from scratch. So the technique is controversial among implant dentists. Some dentists refuse to perform this procedure because they consider it too risky.

4. The dentists that work at the Clear Choice Centers are generally very good, from what I’ve heard. They are also paid exceptionally well – I have heard reports of million dollar bonuses – that’s what I heard from a colleague in the Phoenix area. Their fees are high, and they do this short-cut procedure that enables them to produce a lot of dentistry a day, so they can afford excellent dentists.

5. If you do go to Clear Choice, I would always get a second opinion from a different implant dentist. Look for someone with implant dentistry credentials, such as studying at the Misch Institute, or membership in an implant organization such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Especially if they have credentials from one of those organizations, they will be pretty trustworthy.
Good luck.

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